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Digital Media

Your Secret Weapon

Go Associates combines business skills in traditional and new media technology to move your organization forward. Whether you are designing a new online service, deploying an internal digital application, or seeking an alliance with other industry partners, Go Associates accelerates your progress.

Go President, Howard Greenfield, is a leading writer and expert in new media and co-author of one of the premier books on IPTV and Internet Television (2007, 2009). Howard writes about cutting edge industry developments and leverages his research and interviews to keep clients current on what’s around the corner.

The Power of Interactivity
As business practices and consumer habits continue to be influenced by digital communication, the bar has been raised on how organizations must:

• Deliver products that span TV, PC, Phone, and Mobile devices
Communicate online with customers, partners and teams
• Create marketing programs in social media formats
• Distribute and sell products through multimedia and cloud e-commerce

Go Associates is your resource for navigating this exciting new media culture and converting the ever-emerging opportunities along the way into results.

Level Playing Field / New Opportunity
Today's on-demand mass media is blurring the line between our business and personal lives. In the process, new social connections between people and organizations are leveling the commercial playing field. Organizations large and small are networked in ways once available only to capital-rich media giants and mega-corporations. This 'democratization' of data and online content opens the door to new opportunities every day. Go Associates gets your organization positioned now for success in the digital media decade ahead--leveraging your business investment to its fullest.

Market Communication:

Our Writing and Articles
Writing is central to your business culture and your message must come across clearly. As your representative, good market communication has the power to drive or discourage sales, deals, and partnerships. Our experience spans corporate communications, freelance journalism, and book writing. Our role is to quickly step into your world and create the copy that carries a compelling message about your organization's offerings to your audience.

Corporate Documentation

> Corporate Documentation
Editorial services based on wide range of experience in corporate documentation:

- Marketing datasheets, white papers, brochures

- Technical, business, documentation, user-guides

- Web content, presentations, press releases

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Journalism & Industry Publication > Journalism & Industry Publication
Our articles are regularly printed and published online in leading industry publications throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. 

Our practical writing experience and background originates from Stanford, the University of California, and communications roles at ground-breaking organizations like Apple, Inc. and Sun Microsystems.

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Market & Written

“The future has already arrived, it's just not evenly distributed yet.”

William Gibson,





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