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Communications: Interactive Media

Deliver corporate digital media, e-learning
Leading Fortune 500 technology provider needed to lead industry in IT communications deployment. Its mission was to use its own internal network to deliver employee productivity applications, corporate communications, and training. Cross-departmental teams needed to be led to a functional result across global geographies (US, Europe, Asia). Additionally R&D Labs needed to showcase work-in-progress that would become the company's next generation products. Many stake-holders, a single owner required to drive the outcome.

Provided digital video and interactive training applications
After creating and staffing the first company media lab, the team led the industry in the development of ground-breaking IT and marketing applications. Using the company's own data servers, computers, and software, projects provided office applications, curricula, documentation, and video streaming across the company for training, operations, and sales.


The work succeeded in generating multiple competitive advantages such as increased productivity, customer confidence, world-wide sales revenues, and leading industry positioning. The work supported multi-million dollar sales and Independent Software/Hardware Vendor (ISV/IHV) adoption. Other accomplishments and contributions:
  -- Significant multi-M$ new product sales revenues and market share
  -- Delivered corporate communications, training, & culture innovation
  -- Launched Media Center of Excellence & showcase applications
  -- Digital Video training resulted in better sales team product pipeline
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