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"Atlantic Crossing"
Euromedia Magazine (UK), 12/15 Howard Greenfield     

"TV Next Conference"
IP Television Magazine,  Howard Greenfield

 "Akamai Tom Leighton's View from the Edge"
09/11, Howard Greenfield

"Secret Life of Start-ups"
Huffington Post (US), 11/10
,  Howard Greenfield

Convergence Report:
Broadband TV:  What's Next
Greenfield, 09/10  (download)
Cover Story: iPad  
AV Specialist Magazine (EMEA), 7/10 by Greenfield         
Interview with Howard Greenfield, Orange Business (France), 06/10

Book publication
Focal Press, Foreword by Mark Cuban

"The information you need ... a valuable tool for making sense of this rapidly evolving industry.”  – VP, CNN"

"An outstanding resource for convergence professionals." 
MD, Accenture

        (Google, CNN, BT,  
  Yahoo!, others)

Book Critical Acclaim
Market Communication
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“Go Associates knows the drivers behind the
digital media industry in Europe & the US”

RVC (formerly Reuters Venture Capital)  

Who we are
Go Associates is a technology and business consultancy that advises established and early stage companies in Silicon Valley, U.S. and Europe. We are digital media, marketing, and partnership experts with an extensive track record in converting new Mobile, Broadcast, and Telecommunications technology innovation into high-value businesses.

Today’s digital economy
We collaborate to help your organization thrive in today's rapidly changing environment--an online business world with its maze of new and traditional media channels. Maybe you’re developing a new product or service, seeking a partnership for new growth, or exploring new applications to integrate to move to the next level.

Whatever your direction, success depends on identifying and executing clearly planned project steps along the way. Go Associates is a technology and business consultancy with focused expertise. Our mission is to help clients improve their success by reaching milestones and revenue targets engaging as their trusted advisor on achieving market traction and growth.

Teamwork to leverage your strengths
Developing a software, Internet, or multiscreen media solution requires experience, collaboration, and creativity. Our work in Silicon Valley and Europe focuses on success in new marketplace. Our mission is to increase your team’s abilities and performance..

Turn opportunity into success
Our global track record and experience make us uniquely qualified to turn the convergence of Internet, Broadcast, and Telecommunications products and services into profitable enterprises. We are team-oriented, results-driven, and committed to making your organization’s interests and bottom line our top priority.

Go Associates' principal, Howard Greenfield, works directly with clients, and in conjunction with expert associates as needed, to meet exact project requirements. His front-line experience, contacts and extensive global tech industry background - including unique journalism hat - benefit early stage and Fortune 1000 corporations alike.

Let's talk
We want to learn about your goals and how we can help you achieve your maximum results. Our initial consultation is free and we guarantee the conversation will address your issues and concerns and point you in the right direction. Please contact us to discuss your next project ideas or company needs.

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Read the book by Go Associates' Howard Greenfield Part of the NAB Executive Briefing Series, learn about the latest broadband trends and how your company can benefit from new media & Internet TV.

IPTV and Internet Video, Second Edition
Expanding the Reach of Television Broadcasting, (Focal Press, 2009)

by Howard Greenfield and Wes Simpson  /  Foreword by Mark Cuban
Focal Press Best Seller at NAB 2007 & 2008



Executive Summary:
Go Associates Overview
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Professional Skills: Front-line product and marketing management

Versatility: Quick-study, executive coaching, digital media expertise

Communications: Author and writer with global industry reach

Value: Passion, commitment, lower overhead than the large firms

Accountability: Team player, stakeholder in project and venture

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